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Piano Player


"My name is Luis Rodriguez, Owner and Instructor here at Lionhart Music School. As a musician, and formerly a young boy who just wanted to learn how to play his favorite instrument, I've made it my duty to bring a music lesson and instruction facility to each and every one of you! A safe space for you and your children to learn your favorite instruments, and fulfill your dreams of becoming a musician. Count on me to help you reach for the stars!"

- Luis Rodriguez - Owner/Instructor

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Our Mission

Lionhart Music School is the place to be if you want to learn your favorite instrument! A music school that started out as just an idea in the heart and mind of a young musician, has now become a reality; not only for us, but for all aspiring musicians in Haines City and surrounding areas! We pride ourselves in offering the best music classes in the area at the best price! Music is the universal language the brings joy to the world, puts smiles on faces, and brings unity to all cultures. We at Lionhart Music School want to spread the joy, spread the smiles, and promote unity with each and every one of our teachers and students! 


103 S Dixie Dr Haines City, FL 33844




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